Sentence Examples

  • Towards the end of his reign of thirty-six years, Syria was invaded by the Hittites from the north and the people called the Khabiri from the eastern desert; some of the kinglets conspired with the invaders to overthrow the Egyptian power, while those who remained loyal sent alarming reports to their sovereign.
  • The title also was in those days alarming, and still more so the mystery which the author threw round the question how far such societies of pantheists actually existed.
  • Crippled to an alarming extent, Burgoyne retreated.
  • " It is probable that many Englishmen reading Mr Leonard's manifesto at the time regarded it as unduly alarming, but subsequent events proved the soundness of the views it expressed.
  • The result was an alarming spread of the influence and activity of the secret society of the Carbonari, which in time affected a large part of the army.

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