Sentence Examples

  • "Remember the Alamo" became a war-cry of the Texans.
  • Of the San Antonio river; it was begun probably in 1744 and was the chapel of the Mission San Antonio de Valero (often called "the Alamo mission"); in 1883 it was bought by the state and has since been maintained as a public monument.
  • Its recapture by Santa Anna, February-March 1836, was distinguished by the heroic defence of the mission (particularly the chapel of the Alamo) by Colonels William Barrett Travis, James Bowie and Davy Crockett, and 178 others against the attack of about 4000 Mexicans.
  • Side of Alamo Plaza; the Carnegie library and the convention hall and market house on Milam Square.
  • From the Santiago river, a western affluent of the Maranon, the boundary line runs south-west and west across the Andes to the head waters of the Macara, down that stream to the Chira, or Achira,whose channel marks the frontier down to about 80° 17' W., where a small stream (the Rio Alamo) enters from the north.