Sentence Examples

  • "The Alamo is No Place for Dancing" is stripped down, bare-boned, dark and stormy gem of song and the vocals on "Alvin Maker's Greensong" have moments of Simon and Garfunkle excellence (yes, that IS a good thing).
  • There are year-round and seasonal tours available to choose from, including walks that take you to Alamo Square, the Haight-Ashbury, Japantown, and many other neighborhoods and attractions.
  • Most locals suspect that the level of paranormal activity is related to the fact that the Menger was built in 1859 near the location where the battle of the Alamo took place 23 years earlier.
  • "Remember the Alamo" became a war-cry of the Texans.
  • Of the San Antonio river; it was begun probably in 1744 and was the chapel of the Mission San Antonio de Valero (often called "the Alamo mission"); in 1883 it was bought by the state and has since been maintained as a public monument.