Sentence Examples

  • The filmmaker participated in the march from Selma, Alabama to the state's capital in Montgomery in 1965, as well as in a number of other significant events of the civil rights movement.
  • These jeans have been featured in several movies, including Cake with Heather Graham, The Fog with Selma Blair, and Dukes of Hazzard with Jessica Simpson.
  • Westward to Houston and southward to about 32° 48' on the Alabama boundary and occupying a much larger area than the other Cretaceous formations, is the Selma chalk, called "Rotten Limestone" by Hilgard; it is made up of a material of great uniformity, - a soft chalky rock, white or pale blue, composed chiefly of tenacious clay, and white carbonate of lime in minute crystals.
  • The older formation of the Quaternary period is the Lafayette (also called "Orange-sand" or "stratified drift"), which immediately overlies all the Cretaceous groups except the prairies of the Selma chalk, and all the Tertiary except the Porters Creek and Vicksburg formations and parts of the Jackson.
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