Sentence Examples

  • The city was several times besieged, the most formidable attack being that which occurred in the reign of Andronicus I., the second emperor, when the Seljuks, under the command of Melik, the son of the great sultan Ala-ed-din, first assaulted the northern wall in the direction of the sea, and afterwards endeavoured to storm the upper citadel by night.
  • The remaining ten or twelve years of Avicenna's life were spent in the service of Abu Ya`far 'Ala Addaula, whom he accompanied as physician and general literary and scientific adviser, even in his numerous campaigns.
  • I think there are about 3,000 people in Tuscumbia, Ala., and perhaps half of them are colored people. 2.
  • Agency inc in responsive to phone calls to about ala says he 's never.
  • When Allahu ta ' ala made fasting the month of Ramadhan fardh, the fast of Muharram became nafl [optional ].

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