Sentence Examples

  • During the first weeks of the queen's sorrow after the battle, Gavin, with one or two colleagues of the council, acted as personal adviser, and it may be taken for granted that he supported the pretensions of the young earl.
  • The nawab Sir Amir-ud-din-Ahmad Khan, K.C.I.E., who is a member of the viceroy's legislative council, was until 1905 administrator and adviser of the state of Maler Kotla.
  • The remaining ten or twelve years of Avicenna's life were spent in the service of Abu Ya`far 'Ala Addaula, whom he accompanied as physician and general literary and scientific adviser, even in his numerous campaigns.
  • Immediately afterwards Peter was proclaimed tsar by the patriarch, and the first ukaz issued in Peter's name summoned Matvyeev to return to the capital and act as chief adviser to the tsaritsa Natalia.
  • Lollius was subsequently (2 B.C.) attached in the capacity of tutor and adviser to Gaius Caesar (Augustus's grandson) on his mission to the East.

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