Sentence Examples

  • The origin of the H text must be regarded as unquestionably Egyptian, in view of the fact that it was used by all the Egyptian Church writers after the end of the 3rd century, and von Soden adopts the well-known hypothesis, first made popular by Bousset, that it represents the recension of Hesychius.
  • Noll adopts mercury because it is easily purified, and its physical condition in the liquid state is determinate; there is, however, a discontinuity involved in passing from the liquid to the solid state at a temperature of -40° C., and it cannot be used at all with some metals, such as lead, on account of the rapidity with which it dissolves them.
  • While in his zeal for legalism he virtually adopts the standpoint of Pharisaism, he is at one with Jewish Hellenism in substituting belief in the soul's immortality for the doctrine of a bodily resurrection.
  • Thus Homer adopts the system 5 Cf.
  • Rhys adopts the view that the race of Eber Find was not Milesian but a branch of the Ernai, and this theory has much in its favour.

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