Sentence Examples

  • Deep) and the Aber-see or Lake of St Wolfgang (1 74 2 ft.
  • A small brook named Barri runs here into the sea, whence the place was formerly known in Welsh as Aber-Barri, but the name of both the river and the island is supposed to be derived from Baruch, a Welsh saint of the 7th century, who had a cell on the island.
  • "Der Staatenvertrag bindet, aber er unterwirft nicht" (Gesetz and Verordnung, p. 205); or as Grotius (I.
  • The Mond-see (1560 ft.) and Aber-see, or Lake St Wolfgang, are on the frontier between Salzburg and Upper Austria.
  • The Welsh name of the town, on the other hand, has always been Aber-Honddu (the estuary of the Honddu).