Sentence Examples

  • E-tailers sell these types of stress balls to businesses who want their logos printed on them to either sell, give away, or have laying around their offices for people to relieve stress throughout the workday.
  • Basic stockings will get you through the workday, so save the fishnets and patterned styles for when you're not working, unless you work in a creative environment that welcomes such individuality.
  • They are not a very good option for a workday at the office because daily application can be tedious and, though most formulas claim to be smudge free, they can often wear off on clothes.
  • While a crisp white dress shirt, dark suit and plain tie will get you through the workday, so will a pink shirt (men no longer have to fear pink) paired with a charcoal or navy blue suit.
  • Usually these companies function on a 24-hour rotating schedule, as well, with the idea that clients can request changes at the end of their workday and wake up to find them completed.