Sentence Examples

  • When you look at the cost of separate teeth whitening products or dental office treatments designed to remove stains from teeth and the time savings offered by Emmi-dent, it's easy to see how this unique system can be a good value.
  • These practicioners may be pediatricians or general care doctors, but dental work, veterinary procedures, and cosmetic surgeries such as breast implants and teeth whitening are common procedures the credit line is used to pay for.
  • By the end of October they had perished utterly at the hands of the Seljuks; a heap of whitening bones also remained to testify to the later crusaders, when they passed in the spring of 1097, of the fate of the people's Crusade.
  • Sticks (two or three yearling osiers) are also grown for whitening and buffing: the less ligneous varieties of S.
  • Temporary cement for lathe-work, such as the polishing and grinding of jewelry and optical glasses, is compounded thus: - rosin, 4 oz.; whitening previously made redhot, 4 oz.; wax, 4 oz.