Sentence Examples

  • It was broadcast almost every single weekday except for a short period of contractual dispute, and was considered to be one of the longest running plot lines to ever hit the airwaves.
  • Every weekday morning, I enjoyed reading “The Times Diary,” a collection of short human-interest articles that appeared at the bottom of the editorial page in The Times of London.
  • On a typical weekday in the San Francisco Chronicle, you will find-of course-of course the front page, which mainly covers national and international news, but also big Bay Area stories.
  • Many limos can add flowers, chocolates, champagne, and other extras to the rental for even more romance, and weekday rentals are frequently less expensive than evening arrangements.
  • If a family plans a three-night weekday stay and is planning to fly in to Las Vegas from New York, it is possible to get a package deal with Excalibur for around $2,400.