Sentence Examples

  • Feria: A relatively new line for L'Oreal, Feria features a select number of dramatic, European-style hair color looks, from blazing red to deep, dramatic chocolate brown.
  • Feria - The "Barbara" collection from Feria includes sheer black panties and bras with beautifully embroidered lace as well as corsets and merry-widows.
  • Feria for Men: A similar line to "Feria", designed with the needs of men in mind.
  • After the death of his wife (1588) he went to Spain, where on the recommendation of the duke of Feria he received a pension from the king.
  • After this he was for a short while in the service of the duke of Feria at Milan, then went to Rome, where he was ordained priest (1601-1602) and became agent for the English clergy.