Sentence Examples

  • St Giles's was literally a village in the fields; Piccadilly was " the waye to Redinge," Oxford Street " the way to Uxbridge," Covent Garden an open field or garden, and Leicester Fields lammas land.
  • Thys ys he of whom it ys spoken be the prophet Isay, whych sayth: the voice of a cryer in wyldernes, prepaire ye the lordes waye, and make hys pathes strayght.
  • 1-2.) Blessed is pe man, pe goeth not in the councell of Pe ungodly: e abydeth not in the waye off synners, & sytteth not in 1e seate of the scornefull.
  • This is he, of whom it is spoken by the prophet Esay, which sayeth: The voyce of a cryer in jfe wyldernes, prepare the Lordes waye, and make his pathes straight.

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