Sentence Examples

  • The Baro on reaching the plain becomes, however, a navigable stream affording an open waterway to the Nile.
  • On the east it is hampered by the stringent regulations of the Russian frontier, and the great waterway of the Oder, though in process of being regulated, is sometimes too low in summer for navigation.
  • The Punic wars transferred the supreme power from Carthage to Rome, and Latin civilization was established firmly when, in 27 B.C., Andalusia became the Roman province of Baetica - so called after its great waterway, the Baetis (Guadalquivir).
  • The main lagoon waterway goes by the name of the Bum-Kittam river, and to the north opens into the Sherbro estuary.
  • The Great Lakes waterway naturally finds an outlet in New York City.