Sentence Examples

  • Or less in height and width, with the sides slightly inclined towards one another, and from 30 to 40 ft., or even more, in length; the sides are composed sometimes of slabs, sometimes of rough walling, while the roof is composed of flat slabs; and the bodies were probably disposed in a sitting position.
  • Barras's account of the visit describes the child as suffering from extreme neglect, but conveys no idea of the alleged walling in.
  • The corner towards the Ponte della Puglia was also restored, and the hideous device of walling up the five last arches, adopted in the 16th century by the architect Da Ponte, was removed without prejudice to the stability of the structure.
  • 64) was the first to fix the site upon the low hill, surrounded by tufa cliffs, on which were still scanty remains of walling in rectangular blocks of the same material, which is now occupied by the farm-house of Conca.
  • These were the walling round of the Tower and the rebuilding of London Bridge, which had been almost destroyed by a flood.