Sentence Examples

  • There are several snakes, including the viper (Pelias berus).
  • The reptiles include the ringed-snake, slow-worm, viper and lizard.
  • Miillenhoff, "Viper Herkunft and Sprache der Pontischen Skythen and Sarmaten," in Monatsber.
  • Hitherto no attempt had been made to determine what particular parts of the body were especially affected by drugs, but Fontana showed, in his great work (Florence, 1765) on the venom of the viper and on other poisons, that the general symptoms were brought about by an action on particular organs.
  • For instance, in the seventh homily the fable of the nuptials of the viper and the conger-eel,'known already to Aelian and Oppian, and proceeding from a curious misreading of Aristotle (Hist.