Sentence Examples

  • Golden-Axe is that pure hack-n-slash game that has you playing one of three characters to save the King of Yuria before an evil being called Death Adder kills him and his daughter and destroys the Golden Axe.
  • Five rather common species are certainly deadly - the death adder, the brown, the black, the superb and the tiger snakes.
  • Snakes are common, an adder, a variegated rock snake and a Hadramut with forty followers about the 13th century.
  • This name is twice translated "adder," but as nothing is told of it beyond its poisonous character and the intractability of its disposition, it is impossible accurately to determine the species.
  • His hands were then bound, and he was cast into a den of venomous serpents; but he played so sweetly on the harp with his toes that he charmed the reptiles, except one adder, by which he was stung to death.