Sentence Examples

  • I learned that "Murphy's Law" has a little known but very important addendum.
  • The replacing of the sequel of Amos (q.v.) by one which presupposes a later historical background, the addendum to the prophecy against Moab (Isa.
  • The radius of the pitch-circle of a wheel is called the geometrical radius; a circle touching the ends of the teeth is called the addendum circle, and its radius the real radius; the difference between these radii, being the projection of the teeth beyond the pitch-surface, is called the addendum.
  • He appears to have joined the Homoean party, which took shape and acquired influence before the council of Constantinople in 360, where he adhered with the rest of the council to the creed of Ariminum, with the addendum that in future the terms inroTTao-cs and oucla should be excluded from Christological definitions.
  • In practice it is usual to make the path of contact somewhat longer, viz, about 2.4 times the pitch; and with this length of path, and the obliquity already mentioned of 143/4, the addendum is about 3~I of the pitch.

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