Sentence Examples

  • Identifying your style will also offer a better likelihood that all of your pieces will complement each other and bring a unified vibe to the room, even when you bring the new furniture in with some of the old.
  • Iinstead of the typical Christmas gift baskets, use large gift boxes that are marketed for a distinct "man" vibe to package the creations In fact, you can even tape the package or make a bow using duct tape.
  • Rather than go shiny and slick, rock the classic 70s fashion vibe and scoop up a pair of pointy toe pumps in a gorgeous wine bordeaux or navy kidskin leather that will take you everywhere this year.
  • You'll have the chance to dress each frock up with layering camisoles to match your shoes and accessories, and your unique vibe can change from season to season to stay in line with current trends.
  • However, the ideas that "pretty" equals good and "ugly" equals wicked could go without being reinforced, as could the negative vibe about blended families becoming the equivalent of unhappiness.