Sentence Examples

  • In 1729, and really anticipated many of the verdicts of later critics.
  • The verdicts of the two inquiries may be set against each other, and this particular charge declared "not proven."
  • And yet, there is all through an undercurrent which runs hard against his surface verdicts, and here and there comes to expression.
  • In consequence of these conflicting verdicts, the whole matter was brought, by a writ of scire facias, before the court of King's Bench, to have the validity of the patent finally settled, and it was not till this third trial, which took place in June 1785, that Arkwright's claim to the inventions which formed the subject of the patent was disputed.
  • Three of these (woo) restrict the calling of the grand jury, permit two-thirds of a petit jury to render verdicts in courts not of record, and three-fourths to give verdict in civil ' In 1900 only one person in six had both parents of foreign birth.