Sentence Examples

  • This means that left alone, the sink will darken with age, eventually beginning to verdigris or take on a green hue.
  • Many substances were used as pigments: Pliny records white lead, cinnabar, verdigris and red oxide of iron; and the preparation of coloured glasses and enamels testifies to the uses to which these and other substances were put.
  • The Yamato-Tosa artists painted in all styles, but that which was the speciality of the school, to be found in nearly all the historical rolls bequeathed to us by their leaders, was a lightly-touched outline filled in with flat and bright body-colors, in which verdigris-green played a great part.
  • Striking instances of coloured mycelia are afforded by Corticiunt sanguineum, blood - red; Elaphomyces Leveillei, yellow - green; Chlorosplenium aeruginosum, verdigris green; and the Dematei, brown or black.
  • And E.-the Verdigris, Grand or Neosho and Illinois-are small and unimportant; but from the S.