Sentence Examples

  • Many verbs with weak consonantsIy, 1W, II.
  • She makes many mistakes, of course, twists words and phrases, puts the cart before the horse, and gets herself into hopeless tangles of nouns and verbs; but so does the hearing child.
  • Some very common verbs, do, give, come, bring are irregular.
  • In the verbs there are causative, intensive or frequentative, and reciprocal forms.
  • ConjugationC at alan, and especially modern Catalan, has greatly narrowed the domain of the 2nd conjugation in e r e; a large number of verbs of this conjugation have been treated as if they belonged to the 3rd in r e; d e b e r e makes deure, v i d e r e, veure, and alongside of haber, which answers to h a b b r e, there is a form heure which points to h a b ~ r e.