Sentence Examples

  • When choosing a Droid Incredible vs iPhone, consider the type of applications you use most often, which company your existing accessories are compatible with, and whether you want to side with Apple or Google for long term usability.
  • Some of the benefits involve usability among breastfeeding women and smokers over thirty-five, less blood loss, fewer or less intense cramps, and the reversibility typically found with all birth control pills.
  • Sociability This stems as a result of the increased usability, with most consoles up to four people can play at the same time with only one copy of the game, one TV, one console and so on.
  • Digital baby monitors can easily be purchased off the Internet, and many retailers offer user reviews and comments that can give you a frank and honest look into the product's usability.
  • Unlike some other applications that require a 3G or Wi-Fi connection for any sort of usability, FlyCast has been designed to accommodate slower EDGE connections as well.