Sentence Examples

  • She succumbed to heat stroke and awaits a new air conditioner to feel better.
  • The best way to determine whether or not a portable air conditioner is cheap is to look at the suggested retail price and then find discount centers and store sales where you can actually realize a savings off of the suggested retail price.
  • It's light enough for wearing during those days when it's not quite time to pull out the wool peacoat (or when someone forgot to tell the person in charge of the thermostat at work that, hey, it's time for the air conditioner to be off).
  • Another important purpose of attic insulation is to protect your home from heat extremes in the summer, when hot summer days can make your air conditioner work overtime if you don't have some protection from the relentless sun overhead.
  • Unlike a window unit that draws air from outside your home then cools it and re-circulates the cooled air inside your home, a portable air conditioner takes the air from inside your room, cools it, then disperses it back into the room.