Sentence Examples

  • The cast skipped town leaving a peck of unpaid bills.
  • If a tenant quits leaving tithe unpaid, the landlord may pay it and recover it from him.
  • 30, 1905) Unpaid bills, $3,332,594, Paper £8 22,950 The paper currency forms an important part of the internal debt, and has been a fruitful source of trouble to the country.
  • The Magistrat consists of the chief burgomaster (Erster Bdrgermeister or Stadtschultheiss, and in the large cities Oberbiirgermeister), a second burgomaster or assessor, and in large towns of a number of paid and unpaid town councillors (Ratsherren, Senatoren, Schoffen, Ratsmdnner, Magistratsrate), together with certain salaried members selected for specific purposes (eg.
  • Chodkiewicz's own army, unpaid for years, abandoned him at last en masse in order to plunder the estates of their political opponents, leaving the grand hetman to carry on the war as best he could with a handful of mercenaries paid out of the pockets of himself and his friends.