Sentence Examples

  • Provision is made for truant, dependent, neglected and delinquent children.
  • For a long time Hainan was the refuge of the turbulent classes of China and the place of deportation for delinquent officials.
  • The Board of Charities also had supervision of the State Training School for (delinquent) Girls (1893) at Geneva, and of the St Charles School for (delinquent) Boys (1901) at St Charles.
  • The two schools are not places of punishment, but reformatory schools for delinquent boys (from 8 to 16 years of age) and girls (from 6 to 16 years), who have been committed by the courts for violations of law, and, in the case of girls, who, by force of circumstances or associations, are " in manifest danger of becoming outcasts of society."
  • The mayor holds office for three years, has the powers and jurisdiction of a justice of the peace, appoints the heads of departments (public safety, public works, collector of delinquent taxes, assessors, city treasurer, law, charities and correction, and sinking fund commission), and may remove any of the officers he has appointed, by a written order, showing cause, to the select council.