Sentence Examples

  • " Recension," however, is a bad term; it implies that the two texts which undeniably exist were the result of revising and editing according to definite critical principles.
  • Similarly the substance we call wine is undeniably variable in composition.
  • The Irish parliament took umbrage at the superiority claimed by England, and threw out the measure as an insult, though, even as it stood, it was undeniably in favor of Ireland.
  • The Southerners undeniably rested on their laurels, and enabled McClellan, who was now called to the chief military command at Washington, to raise, organize and train the famous Army of the Potomac, which, in defeat and victory, won its reputation as one of the finest armies of modern history.
  • " There is not anything," he says, " of which we have more undeniably an intuitive perception, than that it is ` right to pursue and promote happiness,' whether for ourselves or for others."