Sentence Examples

  • A particularly out of control moustache, ear, or nose hair can be tweezed away in seconds, and tweezers are essential tools for correcting shaving-induced ingrown hairs with minimum effort or discomfort.
  • Embedded particles such as wood slivers and glass splinters, if not too deep, may be removed with a needle or pair of tweezers that has been sterilized in rubbing alcohol or in the heat of a flame.
  • A stinger that is stuck in the skin can be scraped off with a blade, fingernail, credit card, or piece of paper (using tweezers may push more venom out of the venom sac and into the wound).
  • The kit contains two shades of brow powder, one light and one dark so you can custom blend to create your perfect brow shade, brow wax to set, three stencils, an angled brow brush to apply brow powder, spooly brush to groom and tweezers.
  • Nits also can be manually removed with any fine-toothed comb, including pet flea combs, a specialized nit comb (LiceMeister, LiceOut), a battery-powered vibrating or anti-static comb, tweezers, baby safety scissors, and fingernails.