Sentence Examples

  • The reason for this is that it's the room where people most frequently put on makeup, apply ointments and bandages, tweeze eyebrows, and do all sorts of other things that require adequate light.
  • Any unruly hairs on the neck or along the jaw line can also be tweezed, and some women even choose to tweeze the bikini and underarm areas, though they can be far more painful.
  • If you're suffering from a unibrow, brow kits with stencils can help give you an idea of where your brows should start, so you can then tweeze the stray hair in the middle.
  • Less grooming necessary: For example, permanently tattooed eyebrows can be followed by permanent removal of eyebrow hair, preventing the need to tweeze or wax.
  • On prom day, tweeze strays early in the morning, ice any redness away and use a brow gel (if your brows are unruly) to keep them in place.

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