Sentence Examples

  • Held between the thumb and fingers of the right hand, they are used as tongs to take up portions of the food, which is brought to table cut up into small and convenient pieces, or as means for sweeping the rice and small particles of food into the mouth from the bowl.
  • D, " Sugar-tongs" tool with wooden f, Pincers.
  • The crucible is then lifted out by circular tongs suspended in such a way that two men can take part in the; operation.
  • The advantage of the " reversing " system is that it avoids lifting the piece from below to above the middle roll, and again lowering it, which is rather difficult because the white-hot piece cannot be guided directly by hand, but must be moved by means of hooks, tongs, or even complex mechanism.
  • The oyster fisheries give employment to over 56,000 fishermen, who man 4000 vessels, valued at $4,000,000, and 23,000 boats, valued at $1,470,000; the value of the 1 i,000 dredges and 37,000 tongs, rakes and other appliances used is $365,000.