Sentence Examples

  • T.I.'s uncle convinced Trey that he was on a path that could only end in death or jail.Trey turned his life around, brought up his grades and by the reunion special was aiming to be the first man in his family to graduate from college.
  • Her version of the song, performed with Trey Lorenz, re-entered the public eye when the pair performed the track as a tribute to Michael Jackson at his July 7, 2009 funeral.
  • Pennington has tried his hand at acting, playing Wilbur Wright in the independent film The Adventures of Ociee Nash in 2003 and the character Trey in Wild Card in 2004.
  • Chicago's Finest - Also released in 2006, Chicago's Finest includes guest artists Twista, Jamie Foxx, Dipset, Diszwone, Trey Songz and Faith Evans.
  • The Christian band Skillet formed in the 1990's with three members John Cooper (vocals, bass), Trey McClurkin (drums), and Ken Steorts (guitar).