Sentence Examples

  • Trevor, " The Physical Features of the Transvaal," Geog.
  • Colonel Trevor Ternan was acting commissioner, and Macdonald had returned to East Africa in command of an exploring expedition, for which Ternan had been ordered to supply 300 Sudanese.
  • The Dee is here crossed by a 14th-century bridge of four arches, "one of the seven wonders of Wales," built by John Trevor, afterwards bishop of St Asaph (Llanelwy).
  • "An old ruynous thinge," as the Elizabethan poet Churchyard calls it even in the 16th century, it was inhabited, apparently, about 1390, by Myfanwy Fechan of the Tudor Trevor family and beloved by the bard Howel ab Einion Llygliw, whose ode to her is still extant.