Sentence Examples

  • Studies indicate that a large percentage of triplet pregnancies occur due to some type of medical intervention such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or fertility drugs.
  • Students who are a twin or triplet, have asthma, or are vegetarian can apply for specific awards, and scholarships are even available for surfing, bowling, or raising awareness of organ donations.
  • A doublet opal is actually a combination of an opal glued to another opal or some other material; triplet opals include a base which is usually dark, a precious opal center and a clear covering.
  • Triple step Performed in any direction, this is known in musical terms as a "triplet" - three steps equally spaced during the same duration as two regular beats of music.
  • The central fruits of each triplet form two regular rows, but the lateral spikelets form not four straight single rows as in (ii.), but two regular double rows, the whole ear appearing irregularly four-rowed.