Sentence Examples

  • Of the seven species of giant tortoises known to science (although at the discovery of the islands there were probably fifteen) all are indigenous, and each is confined to its own islet.
  • As for reptiles, Australia has a few tortoises, all of one family, and not of great size.
  • The land tortoises chiefly belong to the genus Cynyxis.
  • The reptiles (tortoises) are also nearly allied to the Mascarenes and Madagascar species which once existed.
  • AMPHIBIA, a zoological term originally employed by Linnaeus to denote a class of the Animal Kingdom comprising crocodiles, lizards and salamanders, snakes and Caeciliae, tortoises and turtles and frogs; to which, in the later editions of the Systema N aturae he added some groups of fishes.