Sentence Examples

  • Lightning flashed so bright that the room lit up, and shortly afterward it thundered so loud that the windows rattled.
  • Rome, when it stepped into their place, did no more than safeguard its continuance; in the East Rome acted as a Hellenistic power, and if, when the legions had thundered past, the brooding East " plunged in thought again," that thought was largely directed by the Greek schoolmaster who followed in the legions' train.
  • If he sided with Becket and thundered against hispersecutor, there wassmalldoubt that the king of England would adhere to the schism.
  • Meanwhile Savonarola continued to denounce the abuses of the church and the guilt and corruption of mankind, and thundered forth predictions of heavenly wrath.
  • Hence when Henry returned to Germany in 1078 Worms, Spires and many other places opened their gates to him and contributed freely to his cause; nevertheless his troops were beaten in three encounters and Pope Gregory thundered anew against him in March 1080.