Sentence Examples

  • Many groups that tout morals first and foremost, such as churches, private schools, and strictly professional places of business will more than likely be against the low rise thong, or any form of revealing underwear at all for that matter.
  • The bows differ altogether with each group, but the same two kinds of arrows are in general use: (1) long and ordinary for fishing and other purposes; (2) short with a detachable head fastened to the shaft by a thong, which quickly brings pigs up short when shot in the thick jungle.
  • The lines were frequently made by pressing a twisted thong of skin against the moist clay; the patterns in all cases being stamped into the pot before it was hardened by fire.
  • A "huntingcrop" is a short thick stock for a whip, with a small leather loop at one end, to which a thong may be attached.
  • Their favourite drink is thong, distilled from rice or barley and millet, and Marwa, beer made from fermented millet.