Sentence Examples

  • She dipped everything she tried-- from meat to casseroles with odd textures-- in the clear broth.
  • If you are outdoors enjoying the wonders of the natural world, you will notice that flavors and textures of food take on a greater intensity.
  • She stopped to admire the colors of a fruit pyramid and the textures of textiles.
  • The extraordinary forms, colors and textures of the true galls have always formed some of the most interesting of biological questions, for not only is there definite co-operation I between a given species of insect and of plant, as shown by the facts that the same insect may induce galls of different kinds on different plants or organs, while different insects induce different galls on the same plante.g.
  • At a later period the conquering Saracens obtained a mastery over the trade, and by them it was spread both east and west - the textures becoming meantime impressed with the patterns and colours peculiar to that people.