Sentence Examples

  • The fleets passed on opposite tacks, and the Dutch tried to destroy their enemy with fire-ships without success.
  • Another fungus which at tacks vines, especially those of America, is Plasmopara viticola, which has also been introduced from America to Europe.
  • O% over the value of the factory products in 1900; among its manufactures are tobacco, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff (value in 1905, $2,879,217), patent medicines (value in 1905, $2,133,198), flour and grist mill products ($1,089,910), men's clothing ($ 8 33, 8 35), and, of less importance, commercial and computing scales and time recorders, chemicals, distilled liquor, beer, fire-alarm apparatus, overalls, agricultural implements, wagons, electrical apparatus, refined oil, sheet metal, paper bags and envelopes, tacks and nails, window glass, glass-ware, clocks, whips and furniture (especially Morris chairs).
  • But I am most fully convinced they should take long leases or tacks, that they may not be straitened with time in the improvement of their rooms; and this is profitable both for master and tenant."
  • Meanwhile Napoleon a/tacks had advanced to Bayonne on the frontier, whither, at Spain.