Sentence Examples

  • They were so synchronized and fluid that Carmen asked Alex if they danced often.
  • Katie turned away and snatched Toby's hand.  They approached the demons tentatively, waiting for the quiet creatures to attack rather than move.  As if under a trance, the demons moved away in synchronized steps.
  • The reaction into idolatry and Babylonian star worship in the long reign of Manasseh synchronized and was connected with vassalage 1 There is some danger in too strictly construing the language of the prophets and also the psalmists.
  • It synchronized with, and was partly determined by, the new political system which was spreading all over Europe, the system of dynastic diplomatic competition and the unscrupulous employment of unlimited secret service funds.
  • Their reigns synchronized with the Thirty Years' War, during which the emperors were never in a position seriously to withstand the attacks of the malcontent Magyars, the vast majority of whom were still Protestants, who naturally looked upon the Transylvanian princes as their protectors and joined them in thousands whenever they raided Moravia or Lower Austria, or threatened to advance upon Vienna.