Sentence Examples

  • Passing by certain fragments of stone vessels, found at Cnossus, and coincident with forms characteristic of the IVth Pharaonic Dynasty, we reach another fairly certain date in the synchronism of remains belonging to the XIIth Dynasty (c. 2500 B.C. according to Petrie, but later according to the Berlin School) with products of Minoan Period II.
  • He is usually dated about 1900 B.C. This brings us to the next and most certain synchronism, that of Minoan Periods III.
  • To assume a cylindrical form of primary wave would be justifiable only when there is synchronism among the secondary waves issuing from the various centres.
  • - A terminus a quo for the Baptism is the synchronism of the commencement of the Baptist's public ministry with the fifteenth year of the rule ('i yepovia) of Tiberius.
  • - A terminus ad quem for the Baptism is the synchronism of the first Passover mentioned after it with the forty-sixth year of the building of Herod's Temple.