Sentence Examples

  • "Was your hus­band a swimmer?" he asked cautiously.
  • He loved riding and walking, was an expert swimmer and enjoyed a game at tennis.
  • With regard to its habits, all that need be said here is that while Amphioxus is an expert swimmer when occasion requires, yet it spends most of its time burrowing in the sand, in which, when at rest, it lies buried with head protruding and mouth wide agape.
  • In the disastrous invasion of the land of the Hetware, in which Hygelac was killed, Beowulf killed many of the enemy, amongst them a chieftain of the Hugas, named Daghrefn, apparently the slayer of Hygelac. In the retreat he once more displayed his powers as a swimmer, carrying to his ship the armour of thirty slain enemies.
  • It must tread with its wings and rise upon the air as a swimmer upon the water, or as a kite upon the wind.