Sentence Examples

  • Demeter " the angry " (Epivis) became Demeter " the bather " (Xovaia).
  • Dr Bather justifiably anticipates further discoveries, but if, already in Silurian as in modern times, the members of these families had to pass through nauplius and cypris stages to maturity, there is one " enormous gap " between them and the common ancestor of the crustacean class that will not be easily filled.
  • Bather, start from such different points of view that no discussion of them can be attempted here.
  • Bather (1899), which departs from that of Wachsmuth and Springer mainly in the separation of forms with infrabasals or traces thereof from those in which basals only are present.
  • - In addition to the works referred to at the beginning of the article, the following deal with the general subject: Bather, Gregory and Goodrich, "Echinoderma," in Lankester's Treatise on Zoology (London, 1900); F.