Sentence Examples

  • In spite of the inclement weather, there was a large crowd of bathers frolicking in the earth-warmed water of the million-gallon facility when Dean dislodged his passengers.
  • And are alkaline and saline; they are much visited by bathers, especially in summer.
  • These are generally crowded with bathers and worshippers, who come to wash away their sins in the sacred river Ganges.
  • The first considerable house in Southport (an inn for the reception of sea-bathers) was built in 1791, and soon after other houses were erected on the site now known as Lord Street, but the population in 1809 was only loo.
  • The name medusa is suggested by the tentacles, usually long and often numerous, implanted on the edge of the umbrella and bear the stinging organs of which sea-bathers are often disagreeably aware.