Sentence Examples

  • Jantzen tankinis in particular tend to stand out from many of its swimsuit competitors because the tops are well constructed, more often than not offer tummy control panels, and come in a wide array of eye-popping, but flattering, colors.
  • On the other hand, timeless beauties like Sophia Loren, Jane Mansfield and Elizabeth Taylor knew that a soft set of pearls, some red lipstick and a body hugging, flattering swimsuit were all it took to grab a man's attention and keep it!
  • That way, you can change into a dry one once you leave the water, and wear your dry beach clothes over it to avoid that "sopping wet " look you get when you're wearing a swimsuit underneath that ultimately has a severe transparency effect.
  • If you want to know the quickest way to find out who are the giants in the industry, just pick up a copy of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and see which labels those celebrity models are wearing as they frolic in the surf.
  • She didn't own a swimsuit, so bra and panties had been her option.