Sentence Examples

  • The early writers on capillary action supposed that the diminution of capillary action was due simply to the change of density corresponding to the rise of temperature, and, therefore, assuming the surface-tension to vary as the square of the (37)?(f) =eP f (38) density, they deduced its variations from the observed dilatation of the liquid by heat.
  • Relation Of Surface-Tension To Temperature It appears from the experiments of Brunner and of Wolf on the ascent of water in tubes that at the temperature t° centigrade T =75.20 (I -0.00187t) (Brunner); =76 08 (i-o o02t-Po ooOo0415t 2), for a tube .02346cm.diameter (Wolf); = 77.34(1 -o oo181t), for a tube 03098 cm.
  • If the denser body be solid we can often demonstrate this; for the liquid tends to spread itself over the surface of the solid, so as to increase the area of the surface of contact, even although in so doing it is obliged to increase the free surface in opposition to the surface-tension.
  • Although throughout a certain range the surface-tension varies rapidly with the degree of contamination, it is remarkable that, as was first fully indicated by Miss Pockels,the earlier stages of contamination have little or no effect upon surface-tension.
  • But when the surface-tension of A exceeds the sum of the tensions of the surfaces of contact of B with air and with A, it is impossible to construct the triangle of forces, so that equilibrium becomes impossible.