Sentence Examples

  • This is a suicide and you guys don't handle suicides, remember?
  • As in most civilized countries, the number of suicides in Italy has increased from year to year.
  • About 20% of the total are women, and there is an increase of nearly 3% since 1882 in the proportion of suicides qader twenty years of age.
  • The furnace used by Henri Moissan in his experiments on reactions at high temperatures, on the fusion and volatilization of refractory materials, and on the formation of carbides, suicides and borides of various metals, consisted, in its simplest form, of two superposed blocks of lime or of limestone with a central cavity cut in the lower block, and with a corresponding but much shallower inverted cavity in the upper block, which thus formed the lid of the furnace.
  • The truth is that in no other country do so many dual suicides occursuicides of a man and woman who, unable to be united in this world, go to a union beyond the grave.