Sentence Examples

  • They also introduced many nuts and grains, including many citrus fruits, and sugarcane, which eventually turned into a profitable cash crop that ultimately produced sugar (and began the slave trade, but that is another story).
  • Some of the leading agriculture products in the country are rice, coconuts, sugarcane, rice, and grains.
  • Sugarcane, tobacco, maguey, cotton, in small quantities, and fruits are also produced.
  • The principal crops are millet, rice, wheat, other food-grains, pulse, oil-seeds, cotton, sugarcane, spices and tobacco.
  • They grew bananas, manioc, the sweet potato, the sugarcane, maize, sorghum, rice, millet, eleusine and other fruits and vegetables, as well as tobacco, but the constant state of fear in which they lived, either of their neighbours or of the Arabs, offered small inducement to industry.