Sentence Examples

  • Not only did it feel great in our hands, it looked rather sharp and fit snugly into the stylus slot on the DS unit.Now the Nintendo DS Lite comes along and brings a longer, thicker pack-in stylus that sheathes in the side of the system.
  • Without going into the technical details, a capacitive touchscreen is like the one that you'd find on an iPhone; it's meant to be "finger friendly." However, this means that the touchscreen won't react to a stylus.
  • Featuring a sturdy design, added weight for more precise control, a high-contrast rubber tip and shiny chrome exterior, the Battle Stylus immediately became the BMW of the DS stylus world.
  • After some long gaming sessions with a few different titles (like Animal Crossing: Wild World), we found the PDA Panache Stylus Upgrade was just as comfortable as the pack-in stylus, if not a little more so.
  • Not only that, but if you are using a stylus or pushing buttons or using the D-Pad, then there's some extra work going on there.How does the Nintendo DS work in terms of its battery life?