Sentence Examples

  • The birds are more West African than the mammals, and include the grey parrot, all the genera of the splendidly-coloured turacoes, the unique " whale-headed stork," and the ostrich.
  • The pigeon weighs about 8 times less than the stork, and has twice as much surface.
  • The stork is seen for about 170 days, the house-swallow 160, the snow-goose 260, the snipe 220.
  • The Jews are forbidden to eat animals other than cloven-footed ruminants; thus the camel, coney, hare and swine were forbidden; so also any water organisms that had not fins and scales, and a large choice of birds, including swan, pelican, stork, heron and hoopoe.
  • The largest and most conspicuous member of this interesting family is the Mycteria americans, the gigantic stork so frequently seen in the Amazon valley, and even more numerous about the lagoons of northern Colombia.