Sentence Examples

  • Quality sterling silver usually bears a .925 hallmark (925/1000 of silver), sometimes with the word sterling or the abbreviation for sterling (STER) inside the ring band for American jewelry.
  • On the other hand, it is rich in Cornpositae, especially Solidago and A ster, Polemoniaceae, Asciepiadaceae, Hydrophyllaceae and Cyperaceae, and it has the endemic Sarracenia, type of a family structurally allied to poppies, of which of the remaining genera Darlingtonia is Californian, and Heliamphora Venezuelan.
  • Ceg e ster Cardigan Bay Caers 5 1 52 6 C ?l B Longitude West o of Greenwich 2 55 54 51 Anderida Peuensey Dubrae Boulogne R: Rlaw Othonackater?
  • Ster ' ?, d C h Yt r o o l:idror..o,: Avo K' t.
  • The first personal action recorded of him is an unjust harryirg of the goods of his own subjects, when he besieged Roch*~,ster because he had quarrelled with its bishop over certain lands, and was bribed to depart with 100 pounds of silver.